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  • Easy-to-use
  • High-quality work
  • Sustainable tool
  • Makes cleaning easier


A specific roller for a special application. The choice must be made according to :

  • The type of paint used : single or double coat, gloss and lacquer paints, masonry paints …
  • The type and quality of the surface to be painted (wall/ceiling, doors, smooth, rough surfaces)
  • The desired finish (embossed effect / smooth fine finish / textured …)
SAVY merchandising segments its offers in order to guide the user and help him to choose the right tool via a clear and attractive packaging


The ranges of savy rollers, midi rollers and mini rollers respond to 5 main objectives :

  • A rigorous choice of fabric for one particular use, for a guaranteed result and a professional high quality standard.
  • A wide range of fabrics on the rollers, 32mm dia.rollers and mini rollers ranges : from extra large surfaces to more hard-to-get-at locations, for any kind of surfaces.
  • A wide choice of frames with soft bi-material handles for an effective grip or in polypropylene offering lightness and optimum handling. Steel or aluminium rods for an incomparable lightness. All our frames are compatible with SAVY extension poles.
  • A constant innovation, as our special roller for inside corner which eliminates the masking operation ; our ergonomic roller which has been especially designed to enhance the user comfort and reduce fatigue on tedious jobs.
  • Packaging chart with a strong color segmentation in accordance with the brushes ones to simplify the purchasing act and to promote impulse purchases.

7,6mm dia. wire ROLLERS

Walls and ceilings roller
Single coat walls and ceilings roller
Microfiber roller
Roller for gloss paints
Roller for flat and satin finish paints
Non-drip roller
Masonry paint roller
Uneven surface roller
Long pile roller
Roller for wood stains
Lacquer roller

Soft lacquer roller with rounded edges
Hi-build foam roller - extra coarse textured
Yellow textured foam roller - coarse textured
Roller frame with screw lock-system
Self-fastening roller frame ...


6mm dia. wire ROLLERS

Roller for flat and satin finish paints
Roller for gloss paints
Foam roller for all paints
Masonry paint roller
semi-rough surfaces
Roller with yellow stripe
thin line
Short pile roller - thin line
Single coat roller - thin line
Lacquer roller - thin line
Masonry paint roller - thin line
Yellow textured foam roller - thin line ...



Resin roller
Floor painting roller
500 mm width floor painting roller

Floor painting roller frame
Roller for gluing
Foam roller for corner

Yellow structured foam roller for corner - coarse textured
Colour separator roller ...



Midi roller for flat and satin finish paints
Microfiber midi roller
Midi roller for gloss and lacquer paints
Midi roller for wood stains
Masonry paint midi roller
Midi roller for gluing



Non-drip mini roller
Flocked foam mini roller
Lacquer mini roller
Foam mini roller
concave edges
Resin mini roller
Antifouling mini roller
Box of 10 mini sleeves
Mini roller refill ...