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Pour peindre avec une perche,
le camion à peindre Antigliss Savy

SAVY round pointed brush
for extension pole

How to paint from ceiling to wall without step ladder using the new SAVY round pointed brush with an extension pole. The brush is attached to the top of the extension pole to reach corners (ceiling/walls), cornices, moulding and ceiling medaillons. Switching from the brush to a roller on the extension pole, ceiling and walls can be painted without step ladder as well. The brush used alone allows you to complete the last details (door frames, baseboards ...). Back on the extension pole, the ultimate-touch-ups will be easily and effortless achieved !


How to effortlessly paint with SAVY ROLL'PRATIC. A revolutionary ergonomics for this paint roller which provides an ease of use not found elsewhere on the market. No more work on the forearm. The roller pressure on the support to be painted is simply done by your body weight. The slip is considerably improved, the muscle fatigue disappears. SAVY ROLL'PRATIC makes painting easy for everyone.

SAVY anti-slip paint tray


How to paint easily with SAVY anti-slip flat tray. Its 4 anti-slip feet allow you to keep your hands for painting. Placed on the floor, this is the perfect partner of a roller with its extension pole. Literally stuck on the ground, no need to maintain the tray to load the roller and to squeeze out the excess paint on the ribbed section of the tray.

SAVY anti-slip dust sheet

How to protect safely your work area with SAVY anti-slip dust sheet. Waterproof, shock resistant and anti-slip side coated with a gentle adhesive grip. Literally stuck on the floor, this dust sheet is reusable and is the best safer solution for stairs coverage !!!

SAVY color separation roller

Painting with SAVY color separation roller prevents you from using masking tape. Forget the tedious and expensive protection phases for unsatisfactory result. The principle : a special cover plate on the edge of this roller allows to protect the opposite corner which must not be painted. A trick : with a brush start to paint generously the 2 sides of the corner with the lightest colour. After complete drying you can apply the second darker colour with the SAVY color separation roller for a perfect result without masking. Ideal for corners wall/wall ; wall/ceiling ; wall/baseboards ; wall/door case ...

Painting pads

How to obtain a professional workmanship only with painting pads. Forget the run-down, excess paint and stroke effect. A perfect result from the start. Plane surfaces, frames, mouldings, pipes. Just the right painting pad for any application from baseboards to ceiling !!!

Pierre d'éclat

How to clean naturally with Pierre d'Eclat. 100% natural biodegradable product, free of phosphate and chemical agent. Suitable for outdoor and indoor use, whatever kind of non porous support. Pierre d'Eclat is not aggressive to the substrate to clean. The environment friendly cleanliness.