Historical background

Founded by M. Henri SAVY in Lyon, the company has been running in Privas, Ardèchesince the early 1930sSAVY has been producing toilet brushes, brooms and brushes for painters.

Since the late 1960s, lthe company has made a strategic shift and focused its action on developing painting application equipment by acquiring some effective automatic machines and entering efficiently the whole French market.

The company mechanized the rollers' manufacturing process in the 1970s. Some additional expansions were carried out to host a workshop and extra warehousing areas. Therefore the company can boost the development of the DIY and construction market.


The company expanded its activities in the 2000s by incorporating the most advanced technological solutions to accommodate the growth in sales and its high quality standards. SAVY invested in an automatic thermo-fusing roller winding machine, a full automated manufacturing line for the flat brushes and then for the round brushes.

In 2007 the company inaugurated a second site located in the Rhône Valley, industrial park of Le Pouzin, along the A7 highway. This new 5,000m2 building is entirely dedicated to logistics. To this day SAVY plays a major role on the DIY market and with building professionals.

Industrial performance