A logistics solution in the heart of Europe

Ideally located in the Rhône Valley industrial park (Le Pouzin) along the A7 highway (Paris-Lyon-Marseille), near the A9 (Avignon-Barcelone-Madrid) and the A49 (Valence-Genève-Turin)


A reactive supply chain

  • 5,000 m2 building
  • A mass storage of 3,000 pallets
  • 1,500 items available in stock
  • Fully automated orders preparation with gencode tracking and weight control (traceability + control = reliability)
  • A capacity of 15 parcels per minute
  • An optimised level of service up to 98% (delivered quantities and delivery time)
  • 25,000 parcels  and 1,500,000 items per month

Innovation on a daily basis